Create cardtest

Add topics that you want people to categorize and label. These can be key pieces of content, navigation elements or product categories.


Share your test

Invite your users to complete the test by sending out a shareable link. Ideally you want at least 15 responses to notice correlations.


Discover patterns

Analyse your results using our report, pick up patterns on how users group and label your cards.

What does Userdrive do?

Userdrive let's you run card sorting tests
and analyze results

Groups and labels

Participants group your content or topics and label the groups.

Results summary

Find out how many logical buckets your content can be grouped in and how difficult the task is.

Detailed data

All the grouping data with agreement score to help you identify patterns in mental models.

Visual connections

Easily identify the most common groups and connections made.

The mission

Good UX is not rocket science, we just need the right tools.

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